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I’m Tali!

I started out my adult life by studying Make-up for Film, TV, Theatre and Fashion. After completing my BA(Hons) I made an attempt to leave my mark on the world of make-up artistry. During 2 years of struggling to work freelance, I found myself with a lot of spare time which actually ended up being predominantly spent in the kitchen, where I started to develop a passion for baking.  By this time I was working 9-5 in an office and I decided that maybe my true calling in life was to become a pastry chef! My colleagues encouraged this – I had been attempting to fatten them up with tasty treats for quite some time already.

I looked into a number of courses, some of which would have cost an entire year’s salary and some which just didn’t seem great, until I stumbled upon an apprenticeship programme which placed me in a professional kitchen full time, along with one day of formal college study a week.

I completed my first year but was not totally happy with my placement nor the whole ‘back to college at the age of 24’ thing. Waiting in line to weigh out flour was not my idea of fun. I did learn a lot in that one year – perhaps including one or two bad habits! – and it was amazing what could be learnt in just 12 months. I had intended to complete the 2nd year and move on but  circumstances mostly beyond my control led me to leaving.

I didn’t regret it. Not at first. Now I only feel a little bitter. I’m toying with the idea of going back and finishing the course at the start of the next academic year. But the idea of waiting in line for flour still sends shivers down my spine!

I guess this leads me to my blog. I wanted an outlet for expressing my passion for patisserie, baking and delicious food. One which allows those that are like minded to join me on this culinary journey – and in a manner that doesn’t involve long hours, sore feet and rubbish pay!

Let the baking commence!


  1. Maya says:

    Hi Talia.good luck with blogging! I work with Lois and he was saying how good your macarons are. If you ever give masterclasses in baking please do let me know as I am always keen to learn new recipes. Take care. Maya

  2. Wendy says:

    Hey Talia,

    Wow! awesome looking goodies. Hope you are fabulous. Lancome still misses you. Every now and then I still drool when I think of your amazing fudge! xxx

  3. Michelle says:

    Tali been meaning to compliment you on this blog. I think it’s totally brilliant. I am so imressed with what you have done. The layout, photography and copy is of such a high standard. I am no cook but I really enjoy reading and seeing what you are doing. I think I would enjoy eating all these things too but maybe when we see each other again. WIth love

  4. Ann says:

    Well done!! You have definately inherited your mothers talent for cooking and baking. Keep it up. Next time you are on this side of the world I want to taste some.

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